OANDA Broker

OANDA took pride in being the first to provide currency exchange information, which played a significant role, in fostering the growth. 

Brief Overview of OANDA

When it comes to trading OANDA is a standout broker. Established in 1996 OANDA has built a reputation, for its transparency, approach and global presence.

The platform is designed to be user friendly providing real time market data and customizable charting options. OANDA strictly adheres to regulations safeguarding client funds and maintaining standards ensuring professionalism and fairness.

OANDA Broker has provided traders with cutting-edge platforms and a wide range of instruments to thrive in the markets for over 20 years. Whatever your level of trading expertise, OANDA has what you’re looking for.

The platform provides VPS hosting services for beginner traders, offering tutorials, guides, and market analysis for real trading experience. Prioritizing customer satisfaction is preferred for financial market traders seeking confidence and success.

Overview of Trading Platforms

Website URL
Support Types
Chat , Telephone , Email
Trading Platform
MT4 desktop, web and mobile, MT5 desktop, web and mobile
Minimum 1st Deposit
no minimum deposit
1.0 pips
Free Demo Account
Open Demo
Financial Services Commission (FSC), FCA, BVI, ASIC, IIROC
Account Types
Standard spread-only , Core , Swap-free
Deposit Methods
Visa , Mastercard , Skrill , Neteller and various Alternate Payment Methods
Withdrawal Methods
Visa , Mastercard , Skrill , Neteller and various Alternate Payment Methods
Trading Currency
Account Currency
Mobile Trading
Tablet Trading
US Traders Allowed
Overall Score


Fee Info
Spread based pricing
Commission Info
$40/Mil commission for Core pricing
Number of Assets
FX; EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CHF, EUR/JPY, EUR/CHF, EUR/GBP, GBP/JPY, GBP/CHF, AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD, AUD/JPY, CAD/JPY, CHF/JPY, NZD/JPY, AUD/CAD, AUD/CHF, AUD/NZD, EUR/AUD, EUR/CAD, GBP/AUD, GBP/CAD, CAD/CHF, EUR/NOK, EUR/NZD, EUR/SEK, GBP/NZD, NZD/CAD, USD/NOK, USD/SEK, NZD/CHF, USD/MXN, USD/CNH, USD/HKD, USD/SGD, SGD/JPY, USD/TRY, USD/ZAR. Indicies: Aus 200, China A50, EU 50, Fra 40, Ger 30, HK 50, India 50, Japan 225, Nel 25, SG 30, Twix, UK 100, US Nas 100, US Russ 2000, US SPX 500, US Wall St. 30, Switzerland 20, Spain 35, China H Shares, Sweden 30. Bullion: XAU/USD, XAG/USD. Commodities: Brent Cruide Oil, West Texas Oil, Copper, Nat Gas, WHEAT Commodities, CORN Commodities, SOYBEANS Commodities, SUGAR Commodities, UK10Y Bonds, US2Y Bonds, US5Y Bonds, US10Y Bonds, US30Y Bonds, DE10Y Bonds. Crypto: BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD, BCHUSD
English , Mandarin , Spanish , German

Key Features of the Broker

OANDA is a trusted partner known for its reputation for adherence to regulations, technological advancements and educational initiatives.

 OANDA was the company to provide online currency exchange information making financial markets more accessible to everyone.

Global Presence

Regulation Compliance

The company adheres to the standards set by six leading authorities demonstrating its commitment to honesty and regulatory compliance.

Through its user interface and advanced technology OANDA assists traders in making informed decisions about financial instruments.

Besides trading services, OANDA provides various resources and research materials that empower traders to enhance their knowledge and skills.

 Regardless of its experience, the platform helps traders navigate the market effectively.

What Is FBS Broker?

Are you looking for a reliable and easy-to-reach broker? Try OANDA! Let’s look at the broker’s history and reliability.

In a world where financial opportunities often seem exclusive to experts, one company has been shaking things up since 1996. 

OANDA Broker Review

OANDA, a Forex and CFD broker, is dedicated to providing access to financial markets and fostering innovation. They serve customers from over 200 countries. Prioritize transparency and innovation to offer a trading experience.

OANDA offers a range of tools for trading various assets such as indices, Forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, commodities and metals. With centers and stringent compliance with six regulatory authorities they ensure the safety of funds and maintain fair trading conditions.

Moreover, they have no minimum deposit requirement. Provide education resources to equip beginners with the knowledge needed for success, in trading markets.

So, what exactly does OANDA do as a Broker? They are, in fact, a type of market maker. But what does that mean? Simply put OANDA provides a user marketplace where individuals from all walks of life can engage in trading activities. Their platform is designed to be accessible and intuitive offering over 50 tools such, as indicators and drawing tools to assist users in making decisions.

Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:


  1. Strong Reputation: OANDA has an established presence in the industry and is known for its reliability as a broker.
  2. Regulatory Compliance: OANDA strictly adheres to the regulations set by six authorities, ensuring client funds’ safety and upholding industry standards.
  3. Diverse Trading Options: OANDA provides a range of trading options, including indices, Forex, cryptocurrencies, shares, commodities, and metals in CFDs. This allows traders to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of market opportunities.
  4. No Minimum Deposit: Unlike platforms, OANDA welcomes traders at all levels without imposing any minimum deposit requirement. Even beginners with capital can participate.
  5. Educational Resources: OANDA offers educational resources designed to support traders at every stage of their journey. These include tutorials, market analysis materials, and other valuable resources that help beginners improve their strategies.
  6. Low Pricing and Spreads: At OANDA, traders can maximize their profits thanks to pricing structures and low costs associated with spreads.
  7. Company-Specific Software and Tools: OANDA provides access to software and cutting-edge tools to enhance trading capabilities. Helps decision-making processes.


Pros AND Cons

  1. Diverse Conditions: Traders must familiarize themselves with OANDA’s trading conditions, which vary based on entities and regulations.
  2. Consider Withdrawal Fees: Traders should know that certain OANDA withdrawals may incur fees. It’s crucial to take these costs into account when engaging in trades.
  3. Limited Cryptocurrency Options: While OANDA facilitates cryptocurrency trading, it’s worth noting that specialized exchanges may offer a range of options.

FBS, a notable broker, provides traders with various types of accounts, easy-to-use platforms, educational materials, and customer assistance. However, traders must consider exchangeable tools and fees for lack of activity, seek expert advice, and understand dangers.

Forex Trading OANDA Account Types

OANDA provides two types of accounts to meet the needs of traders as below:

Standard Account

The OANDA Standard Account is designed for beginner and intermediate traders, providing spreads on currency pairs, commodities, indices and precious metals. It is suitable for investment amounts. Offers flexibility for traders at all skill levels. No minimum deposit requirement allows traders to start trading with any amount they can afford. This account includes indicators and market analysis tools to assist in making decisions and enhancing strategies for trend followers and contrarian traders.

The Premium account caters to traders who engage in trading activities. It offers spreads, priority support and personalized services. This account provides trading conditions, tools and services ideal for experienced forex traders looking for enhancements in their trading journey. By opting for this account, traders may reduce trading costs while gaining confidence.

What Other Types of Accounts Does OANDA Offer?

  • Islamic Account

OANDA provides an Islamic account option, for its customers. This account is designed to be swap free. Is available in the Standard Account. Interestingly OANDA automatically grants status to all eligible trade accounts created by customers in non-Islamic countries. The Islamic swap free account offered by OANDA does not have any administration fees for the five days.

  • Demo Account

For beginners OANDA offers a trial trading account where you can practice trading without any risk. The OANDA Demo account has no time limit allowing opportunity for learning and experimentation. Additionally, this account comes preloaded with 100,000 units of currency enabling aspiring traders to practice their skills without concerns, about money involved.

However, of the account type a trader chooses, they can expect a trading environment on the platform that adheres to compliance standards while ensuring client protection. OANDA also offers platforms and educational resources spread across various instruments to trade confidently while prioritizing customer satisfaction.

How to Open an OANDA Account

Signing up for OANDA is incredibly easy. Here’s a step, by step guide to help you get started:Live Account

    • Begin by visiting the OANDA website.
    • Look for. Click on the Start Trading” button on the website.
    • You will be asked about your country of residence, so select the option.
    • Then enter your email address. Provide any personal information as prompted on the screen.
    • After providing your details and briefly describing your trading experience you will be asked to submit verification documents to ensure compliance, with KYC regulations.
    • Once you have completed this process, you’ll be ready to begin your trading journey through the OANDA website.
Insights into OANDA’s Reliability

OANDA, an institution provides online trading services and currency data. Traders and investors rely on OANDAs platform, for its trusted and dependable nature. Let me share with you some findings regarding OANDAs reliability;

  • Established Reputation: With more than 25 years of experience, in the industry OANDA has earned a strong reputation and serves millions of customers worldwide.
  • Regulated and Secure: OANDA prioritizes customer safety and reliability as it is regulated by both the UK FCA and US CFTC. This ensures that operational processes are secure and client protection measures are, in place.
  • High-level Technology Infrastructure: To ensure trading experiences OANDA invests in robust technology infrastructure for handling high transaction volumes executing trades swiftly and accurately monitoring performance effectively and minimizing any potential downtime.
  • Data Accuracy and Integrity: Accurate and reliable currency data is paramount at OANDA as they source it from trusted providers. This commitment, to data integrity enables traders to make informed decisions based on real time exchange rates.
  • 24/7 Support: OANDA provides the clock customer support, 24/7. Their team is always ready to assist traders through channels such, as phone, email and live chat.
  • Transparency: OANDA places importance on transparency ensuring that users have an understanding of its services, fees and trading conditions. This commitment builds trust. Provides clarity regarding the operations of the platform.
  • Non-stop Innovation: OANDA is dedicated to being, at the forefront of financial technology innovation. They invest in research and development to enhance the reliability of their trading platform introduce features and continuously improve their overall offering.

OANDA is known for its reliability, as a platform well as its adherence to regulatory standards. They are highly regarded for their technology, accurate data, round-the-clock support, transparent operations and commitment, to innovation.

OANDA provides easy methods for depositing and withdrawing funds. Here are some details:OANDA Deposit and Withdrawals


  1. Bank Transfer: When transferring money from your bank account to your OANDA account it usually takes between one to three business days for the transaction to be completed.
  2. Credit/Debit Card: If you prefer instant account funding OANDA provides the option to use credit and debit cards.
  3. PayPal: You can deposit funds into your OANDA account using PayPal as a payment method.
  4. Skrill: Another secure option for funding your OANDA account is through Skrill, which ensures transactions.


  1. Bank Transfer: When it comes to withdrawing funds from your OANDA account you will need to provide your bank details. The processing time for withdrawals ranges from one to two business days.
  2. Credit/Debit Card: If you initially funded your account using a credit or debit card, any refund of funds will be credited back to that card within one to three business days.
  3. PayPal: In case you have a PayPal account you can request a withdrawal which usually takes two business days for processing.

OANDA may require proof of identity or address, for both deposits and withdrawals. For information please visit the official OANDA website or contact their customer support team.

OANDA is a brokerage firm that caters to individuals of all experience levels, in investing providing a selection of trading opportunities. Their platforms come equipped with user interfaces, real time data and an array of tools, for trading across financial markets. As of September 2021, you can access an overview of OANDAs trading platforms.Forex Trading OANDA Platform

  • OANDA Web Trading Platform

OANDA offers a user-friendly trading platform for traders, providing real-time market data, customizable charts, technical analysis tools, and order placement. Available on desktop and mobile devices, it offers flexibility and convenience.

  • OANDA Desktop Platform

The Desktop Platform provides traders with charting capabilities, customizable workspaces and the ability to test trading strategies using data. It supports a range of indicators and drawing tools enabling traders to conduct thorough analysis, for making informed trade decisions.

  • MetaTrader 4 (MT4)

OANDA MetaTrader 4 stands out as a used platform for forex and CFD trading, offering a range of features, including charting, advanced technical indicators, and the ability to utilize Expert Advisors for automated trading. With the integration of OANDAs pricing and execution systems, traders can enjoy an efficient trading experience.

MT4 enhances the trading journey by providing tools such as advanced charting, technical indicators, and automated trading through Expert Advisors.

What other features of OANDA’s trading platform?

  • OANDA Mobile App

For those frequently on the move, the OANDA Mobile App is a tool available on iOS and Android devices.  OANDA Mobile AppsIt simplifies trading by offering options for executing trades monitoring market movements setting alerts, and managing accounts. Its user-friendly design ensures connections to the market. Facilitates quick trades making it an indispensable tool for traders who are always on the go.


OANDA API empowers traders to build trading applications or seamlessly incorporate OANDAs data into their existing systems. It provides developers with the ability to retrieve market data execute trades and handle accounts using code thus facilitating trading solutions.OANDA API

Brokers trading platforms and features can undergo modifications, over time. To stay updated on the offerings from OANDA including their platforms, tools and services it is advisable to visit their website or reach out to their customer service. It is essential to have up-to-date information before making any trading decisions.

 There are learning tools at OANDA Brokerage to help traders improve their skills. Let’s have a look some pros and cons:


  1. Rich content.
  2. Webinars by experts.
  3. Simple instructional videos.
  4. Practice Demo Account.


  1. Insufficient Depth.
  2. A need for customization.

It offers a range of resources and tools to help traders enhance their skills and knowledge; here is a synopsis of the educational opportunities OANDA provides. As follows:Education resources

  • Webinars: OANDA conducts webinars covering trading topics such, as technical analysis, risk management and effective strategies. These webinars provide experts a platform to share their insights and experiences with investors.
  • Video Tutorials: Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced trader OANDAs library offers both advanced techniques. It is a resource for learning trading concepts and improving your trading skills.
  • Trading Guides: OANDAs comprehensive trading guides cover aspects of Forex, CFDs and risk management. These guides provide examples and instructions to help traders understand these markets better.
  • Demo Account: To assist traders at all levels OANDA provides a free demo account. This allows traders to practice strategies without the risk of losing money. It’s a way to gain hands-on experience in a trading environment.
  • Market Analysis: Stay updated on events by utilizing the economic calendar on the OANDAs platform. This calendar provides information that helps traders plan for market-moving occurrences.
  • Online Educational Resource: The platform also offers a range of resources such as articles, tutorials, guides and videos. Traders can access these resources individually to further their learning journey, in the trading world.

The Brokerage has various tools to help traders learn how to protect and grow their profits.

OANDA holds a position in the foreign exchange trading market, providing traders various tools and services on different platforms. Known for its reputation, OANDA stands out in areas of the market. Here’s a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of OANDA.


  • Financial authorities oversee OANDA, guaranteeing a secure and transparent trading environment.
  • Traders can enlarge their strategies by engaging in pairs, commodities, indices and metals.
  • Spreads and the availability of leverage options facilitate profitable trading on OANDA.
  • The trading platforms provided by OANDA, including the web, desktop and MT4 platforms, offer tools for analysis and execution.
  • Flexible traders can effectively stay connected. Manage their positions through the OANDAs app.
  • Whenever traders require help, they can rely on OANDAs 24/7 customer service.


  • There is room for growth in resources to assist traders in their learning journey further.
  • It’s worth noting that OANDAs services might not be accessible in regions, posing limitations for traders.
  • Traders with capital may encounter minimum deposit requirements regarding specific account types.
  • OANDA could consider incorporating payment methods to enhance convenience.

Traders find OANDA appealing due to its adherence to regulations and the content of the instrument’s competitive trading conditions. However, there is potential for improvement in resources and accessibility to enrich the trading experience.

To Wrap Things Up

OANDA Broker Reviews emphasize the achievements, creativity and regulatory robustness of OANDA. With a range of trading instruments and favorable conditions OANDA has audits, by multiple financial authorities. Traders can leverage OANDAs web, desktop and MT4 platforms to excel in the markets while their mobile app ensures round-the-clock customer support.

Nevertheless, there is room for growth at OANDA in terms of enhancing resources and improving accessibility to enable traders from, around the world to benefit from their offerings. The OANDA reviews discuss the pros and cons of their services in helping traders in reaching their goals.


A: OANDA belongs to CVC Capital Partners.

A: Established in 1996, Oanda

A: In a word, no. Its steep learning curve suits experienced traders.

A: Yes. Oanda is well-regulated by FCA, ASIC, and IIROC.

A: It provides a competitive trading environment with multi-audited regulatory backing.

A: Absolutely! Trading with it is reliable and secure due to regulatory compliance.

A7: Explore forex pairs, commodities, indices, and precious metals to maximize your trading potential.

A: The platform’s competitive trading conditions, advanced platforms (web, desktop, and MT4), and easy-to-use mobile app give traders tools beyond their limits.

A: Absolutely! Providing 24/7 customer service ensures you’re never alone in your trading journey.

A: Yes, it charges inactivity. For more than 365 days, no open positions are charged. If so, the platform deducts $10 monthly.

A: No, it doesn’t have this feature. The platform allows users to buy and sell 10 cryptocurrencies.

A: Undoubtedly! Make your phone a trading powerhouse with OANDA’s mobile app to take advantage of every opportunity.


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